Some years ago while giving a training I got the feedback of being a geek. Not that there is anything wrong with geeks, but I'm sure that there is more in life than programming. And hence this site. You can either selectively unfold a topic clicking on the header, or unfold them all here.

 Combining great new technologies
I just read the announcement of new high resolution pictures of Holland on Google Earth. Of course, I had to take a look and was astonished by the amount of detail visible, seeing my own and neighbors car on our driveway. 52˚13’06.84” N 5˚58’02.89” is my attic where I sit right now.

We have come a far way with satellite images - more than 20 years ago I helped processing the first SPOT images at the University of Stuttgart. We were proud to detect landmarks such as highways after hours of intensive data processing. Today just a mouse click away much higher resolution data freely available on the internet.

While this is great technology in itself, I really was stunned taking a look at some flight tracking information available on the internet. Take a look at, select the "Google Earth Primer" button on the right-hand side and select the demo link halfway down the page. You can see how planes find their way into an airport such as Seattle Tacoma. Even more, any flight number can be looked up and you’ll see where on Earth it is. Take in particular a lower angle to see the height of a plane.

Posted October 2006
 Fermat's last theorem
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 Pink Martini in the Hollywood Bowl
 To google or not to google
 A (digital) monument for Dutch Shoah victims
I just visited a new site that honors and remembers the jewish victims of the second world war called Digitaal Monument Joodse Gemeenschap in Nederland. The main page is impressive - and just click anywhere to see how it unfolds presenting the information of one of the more than 100.000 victims. As my mother's mother was Jewish I checked "Kets de Vries" and compared it with my genealogical information that I have collected over the past years. It turns out this is a very valuable source, in particular due to its numerous navigations. I did spot a few omissions, in particular in family relations, but being able to submit updates allows us to further develop this monument for our forefathers.
Posted May 2005